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Lisa Scholder, is actually a full-time licensed insurance agent specializing in Professional Liability for architects and engineers for over 20 years. Originally from Pennsylvania, she studied Marketing at IUP then lived in California and Arizona until coming to Florida in 2004.

Although the actual Bodies of Courage Project was not started until 2010, Multi medium artist Lisa scholder, was already exhibiting her work publicly since 2004. Influenced by her father-in-law, Fritz Scholder, a world renowned American Indian Artist, she began body painting on New Year’s Eve 2000. Her use of vivid combinations of color, with the body as a landscape, physical imperfections were transformed into beautiful and colorful works of Art.

Artist, Lisa Scholder, hand paints Cancer Survivors in a uniquely abstract and colorful presentation and reconnects them with the beauty of their bodies….an “Artistic Visual Testimony” to the strength of these courageous Cancer Survivors.
This project has given survivors the self-empowerment, strength, and determination enabling them to see their bodies as a colorful unique piece of art. It’s their Celebration of Life!

For Lisa Scholder, this project that has given so many survivors self-empowerment, is her driving force.