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“The impact of the Bodies of Courage Survivors Art Gallery is very inspirational, and life changing, giving hope, courage, and strength to those lives touched by this terrible disease.”

An Exhibit of the Bodies of Courage Art Gallery is a stunningly beautiful display and presentation that helps raise funds and awareness.


A few Quotes from the Survivor-Models:

“Bodies of Courage changed my life and my outlook on Cancer. The painting session with Lisa, the Artist, was very liberating. It made me feel like Look at Me! This is who I am, and I am beautiful! It left me with a very purposeful attitude. I got through this, I am literally a piece of art, and I can help others get through this too.” CJR

“The Bodies of Courage project made me feel beautiful no matter what my body went through, gave me the courage and strength to be and feel “free” and not hide who I am both inside and out. What is on the outside and what people see does not make you who you are and what people will remember. The Bodies of Courage project helped me to love myself even without breasts.” Dawn Roberts

The Bodies of Courage Art Gallery is a visual testament of the strength and courage of cancer survivorship.

To Inquire about booking a Bodies of Courage Art Gallery Exhibit Contact:
Jessica Rosario, BOC Marketing & Events
Tel: 813-704-9860
EM: jessica@bodiesofcourage.org