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I was working for a local hospital and they purchased a Mammogram Bus for the community. They offered employees a mammo for free so I said ok.

I was approached in the hallway by a Doctor who said they detected a lump and that they had scheduled me for surgery the following Friday.

Again I said ok.

I met with the surgeon and we discussed the plan. I told him to do what ever he thought was needed.
I was very faithful and trusting God that this would be minor, they would take it out and I would be back at work on Monday.
Well that did not happen.
I woke up to find I was admitted with a breast missing. Now what!

I knew nothing about cancer, breast, or other wise. I am a single mom with three young children.
WOW. I put my head up and kept moving.
Six months of chemo. Not the knowledge we have today just wing it.
My saving grace I believe was my faith and the fact Ihad to take care of my children.

I told no one of what was going on, so when I was admitted everyone knew.
I have been blessed to only have a one more scare, and that was a lump removed from the other one.
But it was ok.

I am well today.
I now deal with the fact my 41 year old daughter has been fighting for three straight years, so I stay strong to help her.
I wish there was more then, but I am really grateful for all the support available today.
No one has to do this alone ever again.

I found faces of courage years later and am very happy for Peggie and the whole crew.
I have learned you can’t always help others but you can always help yourself.