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“HOPE AND LIGHT” and “RECON RED”   You suffer, you survive, you inspire…

Peggie - Bodies of Courage Bodypainted Cancer Survivors

These words are taped on to my computer screen to remind me each day that I must not forget the path I have walked through the dark jungle of breast cancer ~ not once but twice.
No one wants to hear the words ‘You have cancer’.
In a moment those three little words, only 13 letters, forever changes your life and the lives of those who love you and care for you.
All of us, survivors, have a terrible story of fear, indecision, hurt, suffering and raw terror.

To those who have not been diagnosed with cancer I will spare you the gruesome details only to share with you that since my diagnoses I have met the most amazing women who I now call my sisters.
Survivors are a special breed we look at the word through different eyes.
We know that today is a gift that we were not promised and we know we are the lucky ones.
Survivors often make it their mission in life to stand at the end of the jungle path and hold a torch up to guide the newly diagnosed to safe passage.
The courageous women who volunteered (some with a little coxing) to be body painted truly show the beauty of their bodies despite the ravages of breast cancer.

These are the ones who truly inspire.