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Tish - Bodies of Courage Bodypainted Cancer Survivors

I am Tisha and I have cancer.
I originally started with breast cancer in 1998.
It was a small spot behind the nipple.
Because my mom had breast cancer before, I decided to have the whole breast taken.
I was in remission for 10yrs.

In 2007 I had breast cancer again in the other breast. This time it was stage 4, very aggressive.
That was the second mastectomy and the first time for chemotherapy.
I got thru it and was doing good for a while.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with bone cancer. It was a metastasis from the breast.
I had been on maintenance drugs until now, 2012.
I have a spot of cancer on my liver. I am now on chemotherapy again.
It is also a metastasis from the breast.
I pray that God continues to bless me and keep me independent and smiling and most of all blessed.
Please pray for me if you don’t know me and if you do, please continue to pray for me as I am for everyone else.
Thank you for listening.

EDITORS NOTE: In the Spring of 2013, Tish lost her battle with Cancer.